Acupuncture and Autumn Equinox

Acupuncture and Autumn Equinox- as we pass the Autumn Equinox marking the end of summer and movement into autumn. The Harvest Moon is the name given to the full moon that occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox. Historically the light of the Harvest Moon was said to enable farmers to work late into the night, helping them to bring in the crops from the fields. The Harvest Moon usually falls in September. Notice the brightness of the moon over the recent week.

In Chinese Medicine, the autumn is about reserving our energy, looking inwards, and resting more in preparation for the Winter and the transition to Yin. We begin to reflect on the past year, take stock and let go of items, just as our leaves do on trees, they let go ready for Winter.

We start to think about the food to eat to keep up good nutrition. We turn towards warming foods with fantastic autumn colours: Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, and Beetroot. Then adding on warming spices such as Ginger, Garlic, peppercorns and mustard seeds.

Next time you are in your supermarket look for the Autumn coloured vegetables, fill your life with good nutrition.  At YOLO Acupuncture West Bridgford Nottingham, we look to see our patients holistically and will talk about both lifestyle and food.